Mission Statement

ARTS WITH A PURPOSE is dedicated to bringing the youth associated with the Denney Juvenile Justice Center increased community connection, cultural education, pro-social adult interaction, and positive physical, mental, and emotional development through dance and the performing arts.


With a commitment to our responsibility to invest in the future by investing in the rising generation, and a firm belief in the power of music and the arts to transform lives for the better, we seek the continued support of the citizens of Snohomish County as we create and provide educational programs & performance opportunities for these deserving youth.

Arts With A Purpose

This program was created as a means of bringing community members and Denney staff together in order to provide dance instruction opportunities to Denney youth, with a goal of expanding into other performing arts over time.

The reach is multi-faceted, targeting:

  • Youth in detention
  • Youth involved with the Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment Services) program
  • Youth affiliated with Denney through Probation Services, Drug Court, Reclaiming Futures, Truancy Court, and other services.
  • Eligible Denney alumni under age 18

Participation in dance and the performing arts has been undeniably proven to increase self confidence and self worth, while improving physical fitness, flexibility, cognitive acuity, coordination, and overall health. Arts With A Purpose believes those benefits and others will ultimately translate into much more promising futures for struggling youth in our community who otherwise might never have had such opportunities.

How You Can Help

FUNDINGArts With A Purpose continually seeks acquisition of available grant monies which are aimed at providing support for arts programs and/or youth at risk. We also welcome tax deductible donations from area businesses, community organizations, and private citizens.

TEACHING – We invite qualified dance, music, and acting instructors who would like to be part of Arts With A Purpose to contact us about the possibility of joining our staff.

VENUES – Growth of our programs depends upon the availability of satellite dance and performing arts studios throughout the county. Such venues may be used for classes / instruction specifically for Denney youth, or as places where AWAP students are welcomed to join existing classes.

SHOES & ATTIRE – Donations of dance shoes and dance clothes will allow financially challenged students to wear appropriate shoes & attire for jazz, ballet, tap & ballroom classes.